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I'm making a collab!

2008-06-25 09:32:36 by Camoflash

Right now, I'm making a collab that is going to be called "Skatetrix". It's matrix and skating in a box! I'm making the collab with PaperBagManiac, you should go check out his pictures, he rock at flash!

PSSST! Here's a weapon the main character is gonna have!

I'm making a collab!


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2008-06-25 09:42:39


Camoflash responds:

Thank you newmoopsie, that was a very kind thing to say, GOD i'm happy now!!!


2008-06-25 13:40:50

fuck you newmoopsie and you suck my dick to you son of an idiot wierd and horny bitch !!!!!

jaja emil ser bra ut jag håller också på !!

(Updated ) Camoflash responds:

DU.SKA.HÅLLA.PÅ.MED.DAY OF DOOM!!!!!! Men vapnet var snyggt eller hur?
Och ja, newmoopsie sucks your dick TEEHEE!


2008-07-06 10:58:42

trevlig diskussion...
bilden e faktiskt ganska suddig.
jag kanske också kan va med i collaben, eller jag kanske e för dålig...

Camoflash responds: