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I need voice actors.

2008-08-13 17:40:48 by Camoflash

I'm making a new MOVIE, The Five Elements. I'm gonna make 5 episodes, one about every element. And the fifth element is gonna be secret for everyone except the voice actors, that I in this case need! Here are the voices i need.

Gaak - Main character (The one on the picture) (Any voice at all)
Neagranite - The evil lord (dark voice)
Bump - Gaak's friend that is heavy (dark voice)
Carl - Gaak' other friend (Any voice at all)

At least that's the episode one voices. More will maybe come later.

Answer in comments and then we will talk about it later.

I need voice actors.


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2008-08-13 19:53:40

I could voice act... But only if I get multi-authored.

PM me.

Camoflash responds: